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This is a message for every determined and kindhearted individual who needs to overcome the pain, anger and frustration, of being trapped in mental illness ... but is struggling to find someone who is willing to listen without judgement and to truly consider their unique needs when delivering treatment.
From The Desk of: Katie Woodland
Re: Mental Health Recovery
Hi, I’m Katie Woodland and I am Psychologist, Speaker & Best-Selling Author who has helped thousands of people around the world take the necessary steps to overcome stress, depression and anxiety in the last 5 years.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about recovering from mental health!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's the belief that you cannot be mentally well...

Whether you're caught up in the gene myth, the 'treatment-resistent' myth or the 'I've always been this way' myth perpetuated by society.

Deep down inside, if you're truly honest... you believe that no matter what treatment you try, it won't work for you.

Unfortunately, that's not the end of the problem...

It actually gets worse! 


Because this belief burried deep down in your subconsious literally acts like a roadblock.

It stops you every single time you try to take action.

Which means you'll forever end up being stuck, trapped and going around and around in circles.

One day deciding enough is enough...

The next deciding what's the point because it isn't going to work anyway...

Then you're back at square one...

Putting up with the never-ending dark cloud hanging around...

Trying to push away the awful, hurtful and humiliating voice which is forever lurking just out of sight...

Finding an ounce of clarity when there's a crisis at work, at home or with your family but crashing again as soon as it's over...

Resisting the constant pull of the safety you find hiding under the duvet...

And, worst of all, most determined and kindhearted individuals get trapped in the most dangerous myth of all... 

...the one that saps away any glimmer of hope you had...

...the one which hammers the final nail in the coffin...

... the one that propells you further down the rabit hole...

... the myth that overcoming mental illness is difficult.
But Luckily for You, There's Now A Way to Overcome Your Emotional Pain!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

There I was, back in early 2014 a completley disheartened psychologist.

I was desperately trying to support people struggling with long-term mental illness.

The thing is, at the time I was confined by all the politics, out-dated research and red-tape of working in an NHS led service.

Then as time went on, the criteria to recieve help became stricter and stricter. 

Which meant, every day I turned up to work I was having to say no to more people than the day before.

I was trapped in a system which was forcing me play along with their rules.

The problem was that the chances of actually getting the help people needed was the same as winning the jackpot on the National Lottery...

Day, by day, I was helping fewer and fewer people.

I was having to tell people who desperately needed my help that they 'weren't ill enough' ...

Every single time this happened I'd watch the light go out in their eyes and a little piece of me died...
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
One night as I was sat in front of the TV trying to forget about the pain I'd been forced to cause that day I saw an advert for Mind (the mental health charity) talking about their therapy service...

At the time, I was a Trustee for the local Mind so I knew that the therapists they hired weren't part of the NHS.

The cogs in my brain started whirring...

What if I just set up on my own?

What if I reach out to the people I've had to say no to?

What if I can choose to break the rules by helping anyone and everyone regardless of whether they've had a clinical diagnosis...

For the next few weeks my brain continued to play around with the idea.

Working for myself would give me the freedom to use the most important skill I mastered when training to be a psychologist; the ability to take any piece of research, dissect it, understand it and transform the knowledge into simple actionable steps for people to follow...

Setting up on my own would enable me to throw away the prescription model of treatment and instead give me the flexibility to change the treament methodology dependent on the person, their situation and their unique needs...

Running my own practice would permit me to help somone through the relentless grip of any past trauma, overcome the vindictive internal monlogue they're facing today and onwards toward a future filled with hope, expectancy and freedom.

Back then, my plan was to start working with those who were showing the early warning signs of stress, depression and anxiety.

To support people on the cusp of needing 'real' help.

So, I started attending local networking meetings, speaking to GP's and advertising online. 

But I didn’t stop there.

I started  working with anyone and everyone who approached me, tailoring every session to match their needs.

Very quickly I realised the goalposts had shifted...

No-one who was on the 'cusp' ever came to me...

The only people who got in touch were at the other end of the scale...

The only people who reached out had tried to get help before and failed...

The only people who found us were those who had been coping for so long they couldn't remember a time when they were mentally healthy...

It didn't matter.

With every new client were new problems, new issues and new symptoms which required a different technique, tool or methodology.

Very quickly I'd amassed a 'tool box' with hundreds of simple to follow specific action steps crafted specifically for each client.

After this realisation I went through every single client folder.

I unpicked all of the results.

I listed out all of the different symptoms and manifestations they'd experienced.

I scrutinized every single therapy treatment model available.

Right in front of me, plain as day was a way to guarantee that everyone would recover...

Anyone who came seeking treatment to overcome stress, depression and anxiety would be able to find peace, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

The proof in front of my eyes showed that it worked regardless of how ill they were when they started, how long they'd been struggling or no matter how many times they'd tried before and it hadn't worked...

With everything laid out plain as day it was obvious why it worked.

It was heartbreaking to realise how so many therapists, psychologists and counsellors were so close to performing miracles...

If only the'yd choose to look beyond what they're taught, what's expected and what they've always done...

If only they took just one minute to open their eyes and truly see the people they were trying to help, to really listen to the story they are being told and to leave their judgements, biases and prejudice at the door...

Right in front of me was a simple framework.

Within the framework there are three core components beyond that, everything else is completley dependent on the individual.

The tools, the techniques, the treatment methodologies are dictated by the symptoms the client is facing in their present moment, the experiences they've been dealing with from the past and the person they choose to be in their future.

Following this core framework and this strategy, every single client has recovered...

Most importantly... every single client has drastically reduced their symptoms in under 4 weeks.
We call the framework “The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme”. 
Thanks to The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme, I can now help anyone struggling with stress, depression or anxiety let go of fear, helplessness and desperation so that they feel in control of their emotions, their health and their life, for the first time in a long time!

And that's genuinely why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So, here's what I've got for you today...

If you're a determined and kindhearted individual who is ready to overcome the pain, anger and frustration of mental illness, but are struggling to find someone who is willing to truly listen your experinces, give you simple yet powerul action steps to follow and support you to be mentally healthy long into your future... then here's the solution you've been looking for...
Introducing... "The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme"

"The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme" Helps You:
• Take SIMPLE positive action steps that have a massive impact on the way you feel...

• Let go of past trauma, guilt and suffering so that you can SAFELY open yourself up to the possibility of joy, peace and happiness in your life...

• Stick to a simple scientifically PROVEN routine so that you maintain a positive level of emotional and mental freedom, not just today, but every day from this day forward...

• Understand often complicated science so that you have the lasting CONFIDENCE to use the tools, techniques and strategies you learn, whenever you need enabling you to courageously embrace the life you deserve. ...

• Feel EXCITED about where your life is headed even if for the past few year's you've been wrapped in darkness, cornered by fear or shrouded in a fog of confusion.…

... and much, MUCH more!
And best of all... you'll start seeing results from the techniques, tools and treatment methodologies you use in "The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme" within the first four weeks!
So again, if you're struggling to let go of fear, overcome past trauma and free yourself from mental illness yet are truly committed to bringing joy, peace and happiness into your life, understand this:

• Every 2 seconds another person is using Google to find someone to help them through stress, depression and anxiety ...

• Meaning that ... every minute you delay is a minute someone else has to decide they're ready to move forward and take one of the 5 spots we have open each month...

• Worse than this... the longer you leave it the worse it will become and the harder it will be to recover...
It's Time To Say Yes To Waking Up Without Emotional Torment...
It's Time To Say Yes To Having The Life You Deserve ... 
It's Time to Say Yes To The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme!
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get When You Say Yes To The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme
The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme (Value £3,000)
12 Weeks of Intensive 1-2-1 Therapy which is the SHORTCUT for you to allowing joy, peace and happiness into your life. Each session you are invited to safely talk through your unique problems and receive specialised support so that you are able to focus your time, energy and effort on the tools, techniques and resources which are going to benefit you and not ones which are irrelivent to your needs. Taking specific action towards the future you desire is the only way to see a drastic reduction in your symptoms long-term even if you've tried therapy before, been struggling for years or relapsed in the past. But... in order to get there you must first address where you are right now ... and where you've been all those times before... 
The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme Guides You Safely Through EVERY Step ...
Weeks 1-4:
Turning complicated and jargon rich science into simple positive action steps so that you can use personalised tools, resources and techniques to QUICKLY flip the switch on your emotions to step out from the dark cloud and into the light.

Guiding you through the GROUNDBREAKING research in; neuro-psychology, psychology, chemistry, epigenetics, nutrition, fitness, sleep and more... so that you can overcome evolutionary biological safety mechanisms and confidently trust the decisions you are making will lead to a life filled with joy, peace and happiness.
✔️ Understanding your own unique sabotaging patterns so that you can QUICKLY identify any patterns of behaiour which are taking you off course enabling you to make a U-turn and put yourself back on your path to peace. 
✔️ Master clinically proven therapeutic techniques designed to INSTANTLY shut out the vindictive and relentless voice inside your head so that you can think clearly for the first time in months.

✔️ Embed a simple yet POWERFUL morning routine into your every day specifically created to trigger your internal chemistry and flood your system with positive hormones so that you have the good feelings flowing before you even take one step out of bed.
Weeks 5-8:
Discover the little-known ways to bypass your brains automatic-shut-down mechanism so that you can SAFELY delve into your past and clear out negative memories, experiences and failures enabling you to open your heart to the possibility of a more positive future.

Walking you through REVOLUTIONARY holistic treatment methods including; Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy and Timeline Therapy so that you always have a way out of the darkness.
✔️ Uncovering the root of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that you  can experience a MONUMENTAL positive shift in your overall happiness levels regardless of how bleak things look right now.
✔️ Decluttering all of your emotional 'baggage' so that you can build solid foundations for a stable future.

✔️ Helping you let go of the pain, anger and hurt others have caused you so that you can finally be the one in the driving seat of your life.
Weeks 9-12:
Unearth your core values, beliefs and desires so that you can LOVINGLY accept the real you and confidently share yourself with the world.

 Leading you through UNDER-THE-RADAR self-development tools such as; personality hacking, success imprinting, flow journalling and timeline meditation so that you go from spaced-out to sure-thing.
✔️ Learning to trust your inner guidance system so that all of your decisions are made from a place of peace, hope and expectancy not fear, frustration or futility.

✔️ Unpicking your unique personality traits so that you can ramp up your strengths, overthrow your weaknesses and tune into your authenticity guaranteeing your success long-term.

✔️ Redefining success so that you spend your days courageously moving towards the things that matter to you and not chasing what someone else believes is right for you.
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Wishing you all the success you desire on your journey to emotional and mental freedom. 


xoxo Katie Woodland 
PS - If you're genuinely sick and tired of the vindictive voice in your head which is telling you that it won't work for you, I urge you to say yes to The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme it genuinely is the solution you've been looking for... you truly do deserve to get started today!

Our Guarantee
If "The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme":
+ doesn't help you take simple positive action steps that have a massive impact on the way you feel... 

+ doesn't help you let go of past trauma, guilt and suffering so that you can safely open yourself up to the possibility of joy, peace and happiness in your life... or 

 + fails to help you stick to a simple scientifically proven routine so that you can maintain a positive level of emotional and mental freedom not just today, but every day from this day forward...

then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! 

All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. 

You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your journey to emotional and mental freedom!
Frequently Asked Questions (and answers...)
Anything. Unlike most therapeutic interventions ​each program is uniquely designed with you in mind. The very first week we find out what things you want to achieve and which techniques you would like to use. Your therapist then busily builds a comprehensive package of support which guides you to your goals using tools appropriate to your wants and needs. Every 4 weeks we check in with a quick mental health screening to see how you're getting on and to make any adjustments to the plan to ensure you're being guided in the best way with the most appropriate tools.
There are a vast number of different tools and techniques available so not all can be recorded on here. However, below is a list of the ones which we use most often*:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Techniques - these tools are designed to help permanently rewire negative thought patterns in the brain so you can start to implant new positive thoughts a key part of building a new life.
Counselling Techniques - these tools will help you build confident and trusting relationships with yourself and others enabling you to overcome social withdrawal and isolation meaning you always have someone to rely on in your future.
Psychotherapy Techniques - these techniques will enable us to explore your past, your thoughts, your and your relationships so that you can build a picture of why you're trapped and a plan of how to move forward based on your unique experiences.
Hypnotherapy - hypnotherapy enables the therapist to speed up the process of having your subconscious accept the positive suggestions based on your specific wants, needs and desires. This increases the overall speed at which you are able to see a more positive outlook to your situation and move forward.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - EFT is a simple tool which enables you to break the emotional connection attached to past memories which allows you to tackle anything in your past which is keeping you trapped.
Lifestyle Coaching - balancing our lifestyle is a key part of achieving not just physical but also mental health these sessions will help you develop a passion for life by tweaking lifestyle choices to match your goals and dreams.
Spiritual Healing - for many who have tried and failed in the past it was because a key factor was missing. Accessing spiritual healing alongside physical and mental healing enables many to fully emerge and authentically embrace who they are and finally access everything they've ever dreamed of. 
*You recieve multiple therapies at the same time and are taught to utilise the skills of each so that you can continue to use the tools yourself rather than needing to rely on somone else to treat you.
Simple - we don't use it.  Holistic therapy (whether it's intensive or not) is designed to put you in the driving seat. Think of your therapist as an encyclopedia - they have the skills and the knowledge but it's up to you to access the tools you want/need to recover.
12 hours delivered over 12 weeks.  Please note, we cannot deliver the therapy on a bi-weekly basis any interruption increases the resistance to change from your brain, thus reducing the effectiveness of the intervention. Therapy is charged at £250 per session, per week.
Stress*, depression and anxiety.  While we have and can support people with other mental ill health our intensive holistic therapy program is geared up to support those struggling with stress, depression and anxiety.  If you have a different mental health difficulty and are struggling to get the support you need please get in touch and it may be something we are able to help you through.  
*stress is not a clinically diagnoseable mental health difficulty but many struggling from stress are actually struggling from depression or anxiety.
No.  Our intensive holistic therapy program is designed to give you the tools you need to overcome the things that have kept you stuck but also equip you with skills that you can use in the future if you start to struggle.
Our intensive holistic therapy program is unique. Most therapists and therapies are grounded in one school of thought and rely solely on skills and tools from a prescribed list. Often, we have found that the therapy our previous clients accessed wasn't the right fit and didn't go far enough to truly be person-centred often leaving them out of important decisions and 'steam-rolling' their thoughts and ideas as though they are less important. Our program combines multiple therapies into one intensive package with you at the heart and each technique/tool has been crafted to work alongside your unique experiences, thoughts and beliefs. We check along the way to make sure each tool is beneficial and actually having the positive impact we expect.
We usually have a good instinct.  During the consultation process and the first couple of weeks we are able to assess you and see which tools/techniques would be most beneficial based on our experiences of working in the field. Sometimes, however, we know what we don't want much more than that which we do. If there is something you are 100% against please let us know and we will take it under consideration - after all this is your journey.
Yes.  While we have seen phenomenal results over the past three years (results which shocked even us...) we cannot guarantee everyone will recover 'full mental health' in the 12 weeks. Truly, overcoming mental ill health takes years - even for those who have been through the program. The intensive holistic therapy program is designed to remove mental health as a barrier and to jump start you on your journey back to full health. Rest assured, every one will see a vast improvement and significant reduction in their mental illness over the course of the program.
It will.  Well, it will if you're ready and truly want it - you just don't know how to go about it. Like quitting smoking, giving up alcohol or changing your career overcoming mental ill health has to start with a desire to do so on your part. If you're being forced into therapy then this is not for you. Our intensive holistic therapy program is designed to guide you forward - we cannot push you to do something that you do not want to do. If however you show up, commit and take positive action steps every single day and do not see any improvement you can talk to us about our 100% money back guarantee.
Over the past few years the NHS has been conducting research with alternative methods of delivering therapy and have found that the success rate between 'virtual' and '1-2-1' therapy is the same.  For us, we've found the exact same results. Whether you live locally and head over to our practice or are supported via Skype/Zoom it makes no difference. We can help you get better wherever you are in the country as long as you're willing to get in front of the camera and do the work.
The intensive holistic therapy programme costs £3,000 and there are flexible payment plans available. Ask us about ways to pay during the consultation.
Because we believe in our programme we guarantee that you will be able to significantly reduce the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety before you finish and if you don't we will give you a full refund.
Due to the intensive nature of the programme, the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme is suitable for those who are aged 12 and above.  Please note, if you would like your child to access this therapy, they will need to have a developmental age of 12.
"For the first time in my life, I feel like I can handle what happens next.' (PG, 2019)
'I can't even describe what it feels like now to be me. The support, your help, everything you've taught me... I guess the only way to descibe it is now I wake up and feel safe'. (SY, 2019)
"No matter what I said, there was never any judgement. No one ever listened to me like you did before." (MT, 2019)
"Before we started my partner of 15 years gave me an ultimatum, change or it's over. I'm just ringing to let you know that yesterday he proposed. We're getting married because of you!" (EW, 2017)
"Thank you so much for all the help you have given me, I spend everyday doing something that makes me feel happy and I don't feel guilty at all." (MA, 2018)
"I finally stopped putting everyone else first and now I spend every morning focusing on making myself feel good so that I can spend every evening laughing with my girls" (AR, 2018)
"Even saying my name in public has been terrifying for so long I still can't get over how easy it is to say exactly what I want, when I want without falling all over my words." (GR, 2017)
"I wish I found you years ago, my life would be completely different. Thank you for helping me make the next 30 much happier." (MM, 2016)
"It was so hard for me to believe that I could change. Even when I was seeing how different I was and how easier things were I was convinced I would be the one who it wouldn't work for. Thank you for putting me straight and making sure I succeeded." (CB, 2018)
"When you said I'd have to trust you blindly and work hard I thought 'what on earth am I letting myself in for'. Boy am I glad you were always there to keep me on the right track. Your faith in me made me realise I could have faith in myself." (JM, 2016)
"Everyone needs a Katie in their life!" (AG, 2016)
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